Monday, November 30, 2020
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Our diverse staff has over 65 years of experience analyzing stocks, industry sectors, and economics. It is our goal to provide you with pertinent, useful information on a daily basis. We believe the stocks we cover represent a sector of the equity markets that often goes ignored. Your comments and suggestions are valued. We encourage you to contact us with any ideas that may help us improve.

Marcus Anderson: Marcus is the editor of He received an MSc in Financial markets in 1996 and has worked for commodities brokerages, investment banks, mutual funds, and broker-dealers in Chicago, Washington D.C., and London. He now consults with pension funds and writes about small companies that don’t get covered by the mainstream financial press. In his spare time Marcus can be found on the Texas coast fishing with his two kids.

Artemis Blanche: Artemis grew up in Boston, MA. After college she talked her way into a job with a leading mutual fund family working as an equity analyst. In this role,  emerging companies became her specialty. Artemis now devotes her time to raising her twins and consulting to mutual funds.

Jack Thompson: Jack arrived in the USA from Scotland over 20 years ago to study chemistry. His studies led him to a job with a Fortune 500 company and then to a stint as an analyst for a private equity firm. After the 2008 market meltdown Jack returned to Scotland where he works full-time as an analyst and travel writer.

Jane Gardner: Jane started her Wall St career out of graduate school, working for a mid-size investment bank as an analyst covering economics and commodities. After several years working with global mining firms, she began her own investment relations business and sold it in 2007. Jane is now retired and lives in New England but enjoys researching new companies and trends.

Liam Walker: Liam is a retired civil engineer with a passion for stock analysis. Living in Helena, MT, Liam keeps busy by tying, and selling, flies for fisherman and researching low-priced stocks that have an opportunity for extraordinary growth.

Mario Gonazles: Mario grew up in Phoenix, AZ and attended college on a scholarship. After college he went to work for a nationally recognized investment analysis firm headquartered in Chicago. Mario writes about nano-cap companies with the potential for high-growth.

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