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Ovation Study’s Research Data Released By Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ:CLSN)

Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ:CLSN)

Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ:CLSN)

Oncology drug development firm Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ:CLSN) has disclosed the final translational and clinical data obtained from the Ovation study. This was a phase 1b trial where the dose was escalated while combining the firm’s DNA-based immunotherapy known as GEN-1. The results of the trial were released during a special conference of the AACR – American Association of Cancer Research which was being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shares of Celsion Corporation jumped by 301.32% to close the day at $6.06.

A meeting of the Advisory Board was held last week where scientific experts and clinical investigators were invited with a view to reviewing and finalizing the Ovation Study’s safety, clinical and translational research data.

Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ:CLSN)

Advisory Board

The experts hailed from organizations such as M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Vanderbilt University Medical School and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. It is expected that following the Advisory Board’s recommendations and endorsement, the next phase protocol will be filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ:CLSN) later in the year.

According to the translational research findings GEN-1 has been found to be biologically active in patients suffering from ovarian cancer. It has also been found to cause a primary tumor shift as well as a shift in the neighboring tumor environment.

“These distinct immunological changes in the local disease environment are likely to translate into clinical benefit and warrant the continued development of our GEN-1 IL-12 immunotherapy as a potential adjuvant, in both first and second-line ovarian cancer,” Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s Dr. Kunle Odunsi, said.

Response rates

Highly encouraging and positive data was also obtained from the study participants who completed treatment during the trial. Among the 14 participants in the trial, two of the participants had a complete response while 10 of them had a partial response. Only two participants in the trial demonstrated stable disease. The disease control rate was thus 100% while the objective response rate was 86%.

Celsion Corporation (NASDAQ:CLSN)noted that tumors in the 14 participants all had successful resections with 64% of them having R0 resection. All the participants in the trial experienced a decline in the CA-125 protein levels. Among eight trial participants who got GEN-1 treatment more than one year ago, cancer has progressed in only two of them.

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